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by Cindy Mori

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The abstract paintings are not fully formed but allow the viewer to see what is there to their mind. Color, shape, line texture, space and value,  random at times,  allow for personal interpretation.  I like to leave something there for you to find.

I love to discover angels in the artwork and when they are “present” I simply allow them to form.  I might have an intention to do an angel painting but many times they show up and I stay with the painting to bring them out. 

Two main types of painting. Still life where there is a set up on the table and I draw and paint it.  These tend to be done in oils but not always and then there are the florals that seem to pop and dance on the page.  I use a layering technique of acrylics, charcoal, and pastels to bring about this fun and sometimes whimsical paintings.

 Intuitive painting is one of my favorite ways to paint.  There is a beginning with perhaps an intention...for example, “Peace” and then I simply begin the painting with mark making, various brushstrokes, stamps, finger paint etc. until the painting shows me something to develop.  Many of my whimsical and spiritual pieces are intuitive.  I like to teach this process in my classes. 

Fun and play is apparent in my art.  Joy and happiness and a sense of wonder.  The horse may be blue with a mountain on its belly.  A pink whale in a sea of flowers. An elephant rollerskating with 5 legs on a purple road.  You never know what will turn up next.  

Plain air in oils.  Currently painting on Monterey Bay, Santa Cruz, Carmel, and Big Sur.  Many times I will work on a series of paintings. I live in such a beautiful place. My travels also inspire these paintings as well.    Another type of landscape I will work on is large acrylic paintings where there is plenty of room for freedom of expression.  In one work I simplify and in another, I create abstract marks of color and shape.  Always exploring something new.  

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“I have been teaching “play” as a  physical educator and coach most of my life and now it seems perfect for me to play and do art.”    


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