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About Cindy

Cindy Mori is an artist and teacher living in Santa Cruz, California. She has a creative spark within her and tends to paint joyful, happy paintings.  Florals, abstract landscapes, and still life along with intuitive spiritual art, Cindy is exploring her newfound passion.    

Learn with Cindy!

Check out this video to learn more about Cindy's process of painting! 


Marble Surface

Wendy Thompson

Cindy’s paintings are magical.    Bright colors and Angels come to mind when I think of her work.    Layers and layers of paint give her work depth and movement.   The sunflowers she paints are joyful and alive.   Cindy’s paintings uplift my spirit.    The elephant that hangs on my boyfriends bedroom wall is so beautiful and colorful.    It’s still, yet is moving. The eye of the elephant is looking at you right in your eyes.    Beautiful Art!   

Marble Surface

Susann Cate Lynn

Cindy Mori is a local Santa Cruz artist who I admire for a number of reasons. Her art is vibrant and full of movement and color. I currently enjoy two of her paintings in my home. Recently I took a mixed media outdoor art class with Cindy. Her sense of fun overflowed to all of us learning from her. While working on large canvases, she guided us through multiple steps of the creative process to discover what we really wanted to work on, all unique to ourselves. She has inspired me! 

Marble Surface

Nancy Manning

Cindy Mori’s art is a unique blend of Love and Happiness. Her Paintings inspire in me Playfulness, Happiness, and Heart opening. I could get lost while looking at her paintings they are so imaginative, playful and soul connecting. Her work has become one of my favorites to view at open studios- I Love her work!!!

I’ve had the pleasure of taking some classes from Cindy- each time coming away with new technics, inspiration, and love of creating. From the moment Cindy asked us students “How much fun can you have?”-I felt my Heart expanding and knew this was going to be so much fun! Her classes are non-intimidating- as she guides us to find out what wants to come forward onto our canvass. I leave her class pumped up and ready to go home and create some more.

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